Wow, what a list!! :) Thanks for sharing my site. Your list is going to keep us busy for the rest of the summer! :)

#29) 1. cheese2. buster 3. desk4. zebras5.chlowy6. pics7. boxes8. Fred9. french fries10. Taylor Swift11. music12. white and black13. aqua14. jewlry15. painting16. tv17. spongebob18. hoodies19. mall20. dance21. scarves22. smiley faces23. porcelin dolls24. smoothies25. Juice Stop26. cell phones27. movies28. peace signs29. hearts30. the beach31. lamps32. stuffed animals33. posters34. candy35. old things36. exet...i have to do every thing the list says!!!

Ok cool list but the best of them all was the big red button I won and the text was agitated. Its hifunylous

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thats not wat older kids like to do but those are good ideas

This list is the best i dont have a printer so i wrote them all down :)well done

okay, how long does the big red button go on for?

sont press the red button it was very long and it took up most my timee!!! if ur looking for something to do and stay up choose that !!! :)

this is great...check out my blog!lauraspenor.blogspot.comI MADE FRIEd MARBLES!^ ^^^^

i just drank 9 cups of water in one sitting and now i feel sick :( but i proved my mom wronge she thought i couldnt do it...but i did :)

I have to disagree about purses -- they rock! I am however, intrigued by whipped cream and cheese as Christmas gifts. Both are AWESOME!

Wow! How do you even get a 72-inch TV into your house?I wish I had a trampoline,a tree house and a play fort. The only one I have is a Wii.

100 things about me:1.i am human2.i kno spanish3.ive got a dsi4.i dont kno where it is5.i am wearing converse kicks6.they are black,white, and gray7.i am not sure whether gray is spelled gray or grey9.im drinking a dr pepper8.i like dr pepper10.i switched 9 and 811.you probably wouldnt have realized it unless i had said it.12.i have to wear uniform to school :(13.i am 1314.i rode my first roller coaster this summer15.i am semi-scared of heights16.i just ate mcdonalds17.i think Doug is a weird name18.my friend is a facebook addict19.she says she isnt20.i say she is21.i think you can find anything on google (including this list)22.theres a mouse in my room23.i named it spongebob25.ive never been on a train24.Family guy is an amazing show.26.bet you didnt notice i switched up the numbers again.27.i think would be awesome if the world were made up of marshmallows28.my house is haunted29.i am not as bored as i was30.i have 70 more things to write.31.i have touched a sheep brain32.it was gross33.i am on winter break.34.i am bored again35.bye!!!

That big red button thing is funny, stupid and crazy at the same time. My BFF sat there 4 an hour and a half doing it and it only took me 10 minutes! cool!

has anyone ever tried to do EVERY THING on that list? It would be an impressive feat.

i love this site my favorite is the BIG RED BUTTON i am sending it to my family

1.im good at spelling2.i have glasses3.i have a dog4.i like curries5.umm

6.this site is fun7.i just had lunch8.i forgot what i had for lunch9.i tried the big red button-its awesome10.10 is my lucky number11.i have big feet12.i have 2 sisters13.there annoying14.i have a twin sister15.i have a DS16.i collect gems17.i have 5018. i cant think of anything19.i have done everything on this list20.im going to stop writing now

that red button is amazing i kept pressing it for 30 minutes straight oh i was definatly not bored that red button AMAZING

well ive already broken a world record but i want to brake another i broke most people doing the wheel barrow

Can i use this site for like examples of things to do cuz i have like this homework thing where i have to put things to kill time

1. you are reading this comment3.i like turtles4. i just skipped #25. now you are checking

thank you i do like my eeyore slippers and my ginea igs

wow. just reading those comments kept me entertained for a bit. thanks for the lists!

Hey, this site is really good.Some more extensive ideas are on http://alex.piechowski.org/AlexHomepage/AlexsBlog/13ThingstodoWhenYoureBored.nws

Marilyn Manson and Strawberry Shortcake in the same list? I think my head might explode! =D

Great list! A friend of mine from Florida had never seen snow till he came to visit me in Calgary. He thought it was pretty cool. I thought he was nuts. =D

Thanks for sharing, Lexi! I think Lexi is a beautiful name (and I also DO NOT like Twilight).

im hott and still bored i love justin bieber and the freakin only thing that amused me was the buttin r u serious who did this website marths stewart geeezus crust peace.

Hey. My eyes hurt because the font is too small. But i will type anyway.